Investor Connect: Julio Moreno of Santa Cruz Angeles

Investor Connect: Julio Moreno of Santa Cruz Angeles

September 16, 2021 by investor

In this episode, Hall welcomes Julio Moreno, Partner, and Co-Founder of Santa Cruz Angeles (SC Angeles).

Santa Cruz Angeles invests in early-stage startups from across Latin America in areas of fintech, logistics, AI, and more. As of now, SC Angeles has close to 40 angel investors as members who pay a monthly membership. SC Angeles has invested in 8 startups and investment funds, with tickets ranging from $50,000 USD to $200,000 USD. Dealflow is generated through a network of other angel groups and contacts. They have two analysts that evaluate close to 20 startups per month. Out of the total, they choose one to present to their angels in their monthly session.

Julio has a BS in Industrial and Systems Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology and he graduated in 2013. In 2015, Julio came to Bolivia and founded a food delivery service app named The startup was bootstrapped for 3 years. In 2018, was acquired by Delivery Hero and its Latam subsidiary PedidosYa. Julio has served as a director for PedidosYa Bolivia for the past three years, achieving amazing growth and penetration in the country, and holds over 90% of the market share. In parallel, in 2019 he founded the first angel investment group in Bolivia, SC Angeles.

Julio discusses the state of investing, the group’s investment thesis, and he shares some of the challenges investors and startups face.

You can visit Santa Cruz Angeles at, and via LinkedIn at

Julio can be contacted via email at, and via LinkedIn at

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