Investor Connect – John Osborne of Charleston Angel Partners and Good Growth Capital

Investor Connect – John Osborne of Charleston Angel Partners and Good Growth Capital

April 3, 2020 by investor

In this episode, Hall is joined by John Osborne, Executive Administrator of Charleston Angel Partners.

Charleston Angel Partners is headquartered in North Carolina and was started in 2001 as “the area’s longest-tenured and most established angel investment group.”  The group of angel investors believes that “meaningful economic impact happens when great people support great ideas.”

John is also the Managing Partner at Good Growth Capital, an early-stage venture capital firm known for its “exceptional expertise in finding, cultivating and assessing complex science and technology start-ups”, Director and Co-Founder of The Harbor Entrepreneur Center, and the Founder of Charleston Angel Conference.

He spent over 10 years in the banking industry before he began investing in early-stage companies. He is excited about the energy in the startup scene in Charleston and elsewhere in the Southeast. John shares with Hall his experience in the deep-tech sector and gives advice to those both investing in startups and running their own.

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