Investor Connect: John Oamen of CutStruct Technology Limited

Investor Connect: John Oamen of CutStruct Technology Limited

July 19, 2021 by investor

In this episode, Hall welcomes John Oamen, Co-founder & CEO at CutStruct Technology Limited. 

CutStruct Technology is a proptech company aimed at unlocking the next one million homes in Africa by improving the construction business environment, leveraging technology as an enabler in the specific areas of how stakeholders buy, hire for, and manage their projects.

John is a strong believer in the process as the bedrock for all desired outcomes like cost savings, ease of doing business, efficiency in any area of endeavor, and particularly in construction. You arrive at the end goal by observing the day-to-day principles of success in any field. He believes people don’t get to their desired outcomes as a result of excessive focusing on those outcomes while ignoring the little details

He founded Faultless Finish Limited, where he built a project finishing reputation, establishing a name as an industry leader in finishing and home completion space.

As an aspiring business leader, he decided to apply to the illustrious Lagos Business School to hone his business leadership skills and network with other like minds and more established business leaders. He is a firm believer that we are more influenced by the company we keep more than most realize and makes a conscious effort to keep a strong network of game-changers at every point in his life.

A husband and father of 2, he believes in leaving every place in life better than you met it hence his favorite phrase “progress over perfection”. He also believes that children are an extension of their parents and are an opportunity for world improvement and so he spends a lot of his time teaching them life skills, ethics, empathy, and continuous improvement.

John discusses the state of investing in construction in Africa, the number of companies in the sector, the challenges they face, and his business model.

John can be contacted via email at, via his website at and, via LinkedIn at, and via Twitter at   

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