Investor Connect: Jeremy Carter of Soterra Capital

Investor Connect: Jeremy Carter of Soterra Capital

May 17, 2021 by investor

In this episode, Hall welcomes Jeremy Carter, Managing Partner at Soterra Capital.

With offices in Austin, Texas, and Louisville, Kentucky, Soterra Capital invests in small to mid-size private companies with capable management teams and fundamentally strong operations. They are seeking businesses with enterprise values from $5 to $30 million with the capacity to underwrite larger transactions under the right circumstances. They currently have three portfolio companies under management. Soterra Capital is industry agnostic, but have unique experience in manufacturing, chemicals, distribution, supply chain, energy, transportation, real estate, and technology. They are generally focused in the midwest and the southern U.S. but are open to opportunities anywhere in the country. 

Jeremy has spent over two decades managing a wide range of businesses and product programs. He is also the CFO of MXD Process, a manufacturer of chemical processing systems and portfolio company of Soterra Capital. Prior to that, he was a managing partner with Baines Creek Capital, where he oversaw private equity and special situation investments and fundraising.

Jeremy advises entrepreneurs and investors, and discusses what he thinks will be the biggest change in the industry in five years. He also shares some of the challenges investors and startups face.

You can visit Soterra Capital at, and via LinkedIn at  

Jeremy can be contacted via email at, and via LinkedIn at

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