Investor Connect – Jason Hull of Broadtree Partners

Investor Connect – Jason Hull of Broadtree Partners

October 26, 2019 by investor

In this episode, Hall welcomes Jason Hull, Cofounder of Broadtree Partners. Broadtree Partners is a group of entrepreneurial investors focused on acquiring businesses where the owners are looking to transition from their current roles. They specialize in providing opportunities for owners to smoothly exit their companies and seamlessly change leadership, while preserving their legacy. As Jason puts it, they help owners who who want someone to help them “really realize the vision….or to allow them to get off the ride.” Broadtree focuses on companies in the 1-5M EBITDA range, or what he calls “classically under-matched” companies.

Jason talks about the challenges and upsides, and what investors need to be prepared for should they choose to invest in this space. He also discusses his investment thesis, and explains some of the operational challenges in the acquiring companies that may be stagnant, but with potential.

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