Investor Connect: James Pringle of Goldsmith Ventures

Investor Connect: James Pringle of Goldsmith Ventures

November 19, 2021 by investor

On this episode of Investor Connect, Hall welcomes James Pringle, Managing Partner at Goldsmith Ventures.

Goldsmith Ventures invests in and provides support to early-stage UK companies developing innovative technology across fintech and insurtech. The Goldsmith Ventures Fund I is targeted exclusively at investors who understand the risks of investing in early-stage businesses and can make their own investment decisions. 

James’ story is fascinating and one of determination and resilience.

Starting out at VC-backed MatchChat, he eventually worked his way up to become Commercial Director. Whilst there, James recognised the inefficiency of the manual selection of videos by editors and as a result, decided to launch Suggestv, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) video recommendation and machine learning company, for which James was able to secure over £1.2m in total funding from angel and VC investors. In 2019, Suggestv’s technology and assets were acquired by a US video advertising company. Following this experience, James decided to launch Pringle Capital, which has quickly grown into one of the largest and most active angel networks in the UK with over 435 members combining to invest over £1m already in 2021. The Pringle Capital network has led angel rounds in fintech, proptech, insurtech, and augmented reality, connected fitness, and eCommerce startups.

As a venture capitalist, James was a co-founder and partner at Love Ventures before leaving to launch his own fund Goldsmith Ventures in 2021. Goldsmith Ventures is a new specialist fund investing in fintech, proptech, and insurtech companies in the UK. The fund is backed by top limited partner investors from around the world.

His latest project, launched in September of 2020, is Riding Unicorns, a podcast he co-hosts with Hector Mason from Episode 1 Ventures. The podcast is looking to educate fellow founders on what it takes to make a startup a success and has already debuted in the top 100 UK Business podcasts and is set for further growth this year.

James details his investment thesis, advises startups and investors, and shares some good opportunities for investors to pursue.

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