Investor Connect – Jak Knowles of Leaps by Bayer

Investor Connect – Jak Knowles of Leaps by Bayer

May 1, 2020 by investor

In this episode, Hall welcomes Jak Knowles, Vice President Venture Investments and Head of Pharma at Leaps by Bayer. 

Leaps by Bayer was “created in 2015 to break boundaries in life sciences investment—in scale, risk, collaboration, and mission.” Since 2015, Leaps by Bayer has invested over $800M in ventures that tackle fundamental breakthroughs and shift core paradigms in their industries.

Jak began his career in the medical field, but shifted to equities research at an investment bank and then on to venture capital. Leaps’ main focus is biotech, with some investments solely on the tech side.

Jak speaks about some of the companies that Leaps by Bayer have invested in, gives advice to investors and entrepreneurs, and speaks about the challenges on both sides.

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