Investor Connect – Greg Baker of Alumni Ventures Group

Investor Connect – Greg Baker of Alumni Ventures Group

January 29, 2020 by investor

In this episode, Hall welcomes Greg Baker of Alumni Ventures Group. Alumni Ventures Group (AVG) is a different type of venture capital firm. Designed for individual investors, AVG makes this key asset class available to millions of individuals who previously haven’t had access to a high-quality, diversified venture portfolio.

Greg started his career with an MBA as a mechanical engineer and then moved into corporate strategy, corporate development and a startup before eventually moving into venture capital.

In this episode, Greg shares his thoughts on what excites him most right now. He points to the acceleration of developments in healthcare, biotech, and everything in between. He also shares his advice to first-time investors. Greg says flexibility matters most since, in the end, many startups don’t end up where they planned. For startups, he advises entrepreneurs to “get your product out there and find out what the customers really are looking for.” In other words, it’s vital to know and learn from your customers. Greg talks about the evolution of growth funding, as well as some of the biggest challenges startups typically encounter. Finally, Greg highlights the biotech sector as an area with good opportunities.

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