Investor Connect – Gina Luna of Luna Strategies

Investor Connect – Gina Luna of Luna Strategies

October 1, 2019 by investor

In this episode, Hall welcomes Gina Luna of Luna Strategies. Gina is a recognized leader with invaluable business insight. She is a trusted advisor to CEOs and business owners. As CEO of Luna Strategies, Gina counsels companies and their leaders on complex strategic issues and growth initiatives. She has established a reputation for partnering with owners, boards, and management from a broad spectrum of industries to deliver solutions and drive results.

On this episode, you’ll learn more about Gina’s background before joining the HX Venture Fund. She spent over 22 years with JP Morgan in various roles before becoming a founding chairperson of the HX Venture Fund. Starting in Houston, this fund focuses on building the innovation ecosystem. The goal was to bring more early-stage capital to invest in Houston companies. Gina also shares her advice to those who are just now starting to invest in early-stage startups. According to Gina, you should find great management teams and great entrepreneurs in the very earliest stage. She also advises to spread your investments and diversify your risk. As you gain experience and those companies continue to mature, then you can invest more as they develop.

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