Investor Connect – Geraldo Melzer of A.B.Seed Ventures

Investor Connect – Geraldo Melzer of A.B.Seed Ventures

January 28, 2020 by investor

In this episode, Hall welcomes Geraldo Melzer of A.B.Seed Ventures. A.B.Seed Ventures focuses on investing in startups that seek seed investment, with a SaaS B2B business model. Their proposal goes beyond capital and network. They support entrepreneurs with the best SaaS marketing and sales practices in areas such as inbound marketing, inside sales, channels and customer success.

In this episode, Hall and Geraldo talk about the quickly growing Brazilian market. According to Geraldo, in 2010 the investment was about 10 million dollars and in 2019 was up to 2.5 billion in venture capital. Latin America, specifically Brazil, is waking up for VC investment and the market is maturing.

Geraldo also shares his advice to investors before writing their first check. If you have uncertainty around the environment, the sector, the segment, and the business model that the company is working on, your capacity to evaluate, analyze, and help will be minimal. So Geraldo suggests investing in something that you can study. This will help you form educated opinions and mitigate the risk.

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