Investor Connect – Gale Bowman of IrishAngels Ventures

Investor Connect – Gale Bowman of IrishAngels Ventures

October 18, 2019 by investor

In this episode, Hall welcomes Gale Bowman of IrishAngels. IrishAngels was formed in 2012 as an angel investment network affiliated with the University of Notre Dame. Investors in the network all have ties to the university and they currently have over 230 investors in their active network. IrishAngels focuses on seed-stage investing. They look at companies that are raising rounds of $1 to $3 million. IrishAngels operates like a venture firm does, in terms of going out to find the deals. Their team screen the deals, do due diligence, and negotiate terms if needed. After the investment is closed, they work with the portfolio company’s CEO on an ongoing basis to make sure that their organization is providing valuable help to that entrepreneur and the company, as they continue to grow.

You can find IrishAngels Ventures at

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