Investor Connect – Followup with Will Szczerbiak of Greycroft

Investor Connect – Followup with Will Szczerbiak of Greycroft

October 23, 2019 by investor

In this episode, Hall welcomes back Will Szczerbiak of Greycroft Partners. Greycroft is a leading venture capital firm focused on investments in the Internet and mobile markets. They leverage an extensive network of media and technology industry connections to help entrepreneurs gain visibility, build strategic relationships, bring their products to market, and build successful businesses. Greycroft manages more than $1 billion and has made over 150 investments since inception.

In this episode, Hall and Will catch up from their previous interview and speak about the mobile-app space and where it is now heading. They also speak about what WIll has been up to since they last connected. His growth, new perspective, and lessons learned over the years.

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