Investor Connect – Follow up with Hélène Thibieroz of We Grow Green Tech

Investor Connect – Follow up with Hélène Thibieroz of We Grow Green Tech

October 24, 2019 by investor

 In this episode, Hall welcomes back Hélène Thibieroz, founder and senior managing partner of We Grow Green Tech. We Grow Green Tech focuses on accelerating growth for green technology innovation and impact by partnering with early to late-stage companies.

In a previous episode, Hélène talked about shifting her career three years ago to enter the green technology space, combining her passion for the environment and love of technology. She strongly believes technology can be successfully applied to create impactful, practical business solutions while making an impact on our future.

In this episode, Hall and Hélène follow up on their previous discussion about the state of green tech and discuss how We Grow Green Tech is currently progressing.

You can find We Grow Green Tech

Hélène can be reached on LinkedIn at


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