Investor Connect – William Davis of LDJ Capital

Investor Connect – William Davis of LDJ Capital

June 4, 2018 by investor

William “Bill” Davis of LDJ Capital

In this episode, Hall interviews William “Bill” Davis, Managing Director of Technology and Investments with LDJ Capital. William is an advisor to funds and individual investors in New York City, and has held positions of Senior Advisor, CIO, COO and President of emerging technology firms globally. He draws some of his expertise from an extensive background with large firms and established technologies, practices, policies and procedures. William created a Strategic Plan for Banking at American Express which contributed modestly to a quick emergence from the credit crisis with $3b in earnings while competitors took loses during the period. He is also at the forefront of leadership in the emerging industries of Mobile Micropayments and Virtual Currency/Loyalty.

William started as a technologist, first as a developer and then eventually a CIO and CEO. After using his experience to advise companies in technology investing, he leveraged an opportunity with a mobile payment company in Austria into a widely used payment platform, a partnership with BitCoin, and ultimately a FinTech private equity firm. Hall and William discuss the future of FinTech, the disrupting influence of cryptocurrency, and the resiliency of blockchain-based technologies.

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