Investor Connect – Henry Yoshida of Rocket Dollar

Investor Connect – Henry Yoshida of Rocket Dollar

June 4, 2018 by investor

Henry Yoshida of Rocket Dollar

In this episode, Hall interviews Henry Yoshida of Rocket Dollar. Henry is Founder and CEO of Rocket Dollar, which helps people invest retirement income in start-ups, real estate, peer-to-peer, and more. A successful entrepreneur and certified financial planner, Henry was the founder of the venture capital backed robo-advisor retirement plan platform Honest Dollar (acquired by Goldman Sachs), and MY Group LLC (acquired by CAPTRUST), a $2.5 billion assets under management investment firm. He was a Merrill Lynch Vice President, and proudly serves as a Central Texas Angel Network Partner, Techstars + Capital Factory mentor, and NextGen Venture Partner.

Henry talks about how he became an angel investor, as another way to continue his learning through personal investment experience, as well as through other investors in his networks. He’s focused on early-stage investing, and many of his investments have been pre-revenue. He’s taken advantage of professional vetting processes through angel investors and networks, and utilizes the experience of his network colleagues. Henry explains how, when deciding whether to invest, the ability to evaluate an entrepreneur’s critical thinking and commitment is more important than an ability to relate personally to a product. He discusses what qualities he looks for in an entrepreneur, and the red flags that he looks out for when deciding whether to invest.

Hall and Henry also discuss the future potential of Blockchain technology, as it relates to Financial Services and Technology. Henry also talks about other technologies that are driving change in the Financial Technology space. Henry goes on to give his thoughts on what investors need to know to prepare for investing in the FinTech space, in particular the need to understand the spirit of the relevant regulatory rules and law, as well as focusing your knowledge and effort on a specific problem within the space.

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