Investor Connect – Episode 51 – Candice Landry of 10e5

Investor Connect – Episode 51 – Candice Landry of 10e5

November 6, 2017 by investor

Interview with Candice Landry

In this episode, Hall T. Martin conducts an interview with Candice Landry founder of 10e5 Solutions. 10e5 Solutions helps investors, technology firms, and attorneys through the three major phases of the innovation lifecycle. They serve as a bridge between research and development and commercialization. Candice talks about what 10e5 looks for in a startup, what stage they prefer to step in with investment, and why.

Candice also speaks about how the IP landscape has changed over the years and how it has impacted the investing business. Hall and Candice also discuss best practices, industry trends and how clients deal with them.

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