Investor Connect – Follow up with James Sowers Angel Investor

Investor Connect – Follow up with James Sowers Angel Investor

November 18, 2019 by investor

In this episode, Hall welcomes back Forbes’ Top-50 angel investor James Sowers. Since we heard from James last, he has been speaking at several family-office conferences and working with corporations to further educate them on blockchain technology, and whether it is a realistic solution for them. James talks about some of the latest companies he is working with in the blockchain space.

In addition, James discusses some of the challenges in late-stage investing, in particular the problem of valuation. James touches on a few startups he regrets not investing in, and some of the biggest ups and downs he’s experienced in startup investing. Finally, James and Hall discuss in depth the current state of the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, focusing on regulatory issues, scalability, and other challenges.

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