Investor Connect – Moshe Shadmon of AnyLog

Investor Connect – Moshe Shadmon of AnyLog

September 4, 2019 by investor

On this episode, Hall is joined by Moshe Shadmon of AnyLog. Moshe shares his journey before Anylog. According to Moshe, his entire career has revolved around big data projects in companies he founded. Previously his company ScaleDB was a time-series database that optimized data generated from sensors and smart devices. This background eventually led Moshe to start Anylog. He saw the challenges that companies face with huge amounts of IoT data. He realized it’s not just about the huge amount of data, it’s also about the velocity and the speed in which the data appears. This created an interesting challenge for Anylog to address using blockchain technology. Ultimately this led to a different way to manage data, and AnyLog was created as a new platform for toggle data.

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