Investor Connect – Nathan Scripps of Common Sense Growth

Investor Connect – Nathan Scripps of Common Sense Growth

March 25, 2019 by investor

Nathan Scripps of Common Sense Growth

In this episode, Hall interviews Nathan Scripps of Common Sense Growth, a for-profit subsidiary of the nonprofit Common Sense Media, which is the largest and leading nonprofit for school-age kids and their families in the country. Nathan honed his investing knowledge through his early experiences with automotive startups. He relates how he came to Common Sense Growth, and how the idea of working in a nonprofit governed environment, focused on improving the lives of kids, appealed to him.

To paraphrase Nathan’s investing philosophy: investors need to “invest in things [they’re] excited about”, and need to connect personally with the founders and the underlying mission of the company. Nathan explains the mission behind Common Sense Growth, and highlights some of trending topics in the children’s education and technology space, such as transparency, privacy rights, and health and well-being. Nathan explains how these areas are tied to the growth of social media and its impact on children’s lives.

Nathan talks about how these topics are influencing the investment side, how active the in-classroom market is, and some of the unique challenges of the market. He also discusses some of the key risks in the space, and what opportunities he feels may be the most fruitful for the investor.

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