Investor Connect- Andrii Zamovsky of Ambisafe

Investor Connect- Andrii Zamovsky of Ambisafe

March 25, 2019 by investor

Andrii Zamovsky of Ambisafe

In this episode, Hall interviews Andrii Zamovsky of Ambisafe, a blockchain software company specializing in software for financial markets. Ambisafe builds complex infrastructure on the blockchain, and provides end-to-end token sale infrastructure. As Andrii puts it, their “mission is to democratize financial markets, to ensure the maximum financial inclusion and make sure that everyone can use the same services like changes, investment services, fundraising and so on”.

Andrii and Hall discuss the current state of the blockchain space in general. Andrii expands on some parallels he sees between the growth of the internet in previous decades to the growing influence that blockchain applications will have, particularly for finance.

As Ambisafe works with a many companies, Andrii discusses Ambisafe’s selection process for their platform, and what they look for in a blockchain company. Ultimately, they look for a successful company with existing business that is looking to introduce blockchain-based product. Andrii also discusses how they go about evaluating a company where there’s no revenue yet, and how they determine that there’s real value that the user is pulling from that blockchain system.

In addition, Andrii talks about startups building in the blockchain space, details some of the challenges they may face in order to bring their products to market, and highlights some of the industry sectors he thinks will be at the forefront of blockchain adoption. Finally, Andrii gives some of his ‘big picture’ vision of where blockchain is ultimately going.

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