Investor Connect – William Chu of SparkLabs FinTech

Investor Connect – William Chu of SparkLabs FinTech

March 11, 2019 by investor

William Chu of SparkLabs FinTech

In this episode, Hall interviews William Chu of SparkLabs FinTech, a global accelerator program focused on helping promising early-stage fintech companies develop and scale in various markets across the globe.

After some success in private equity in Hong Kong, William wanted to get more involved in early stage investing. When Korea-based SparkLabs was looking to expand into China and other areas, William put together a partnership with China’s Ping An, a world-leading personal financial services provider. Willam elaborates on SparkLabs FinTech, their particular interests in FinTech, Healthcare, and Smart Cities, and how those interest overlap.

William and Hall talk about the state of invfesting for Chinese startups, and some of the important trends, include AI, data, and blockchain. William also talks about what types of startups SparkLabs FinTech looks for, and how their relationship with Ping An gives them some unique advantages. Finally, Hall and William discuss some of the challenges and risks for startups and investors coming in to China.

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