Investor Connect – Mike Krilivsky of RageOn!

Investor Connect – Mike Krilivsky of RageOn!

March 11, 2019 by investor

Mike Krilivsky of RageOn!

In this episode, Hall interviews Mike Krilivsky of RageOn!, an online store specializing in revolutionary, one-of-a-kind custom printing. RageOn! has developed a patent-pending, all-over-print technology that allows creators, brands, and artists to customize their own merchandise, from T-Shirts to socks to swim trunks. Their app allows users to upload images directly onto their merchandise using their handy app. And with the first-ever patent protection technology of its kind, brands and artists never have to worry about intellectual property theft, and can expect money on their account every time their IP is used.

Mike talks about what led him to the on-demand print space and the primary importance of continual innovation. Hall and Mike also discuss how the on-demand eCommerce space is evolving in terms of licensing and branding, and how consumer expectations set by Amazon have pushed the space to where it is today.

Mike talks about some of the manufacturing innovations they’ve made, how getting away from bulk manufacturing allows them to grow and pivot quickly. Mike talks about the how and why behind their RageOn! app, and the challenges of assembling a good engineering team and protecting your IP through the patent process. In addition, Mike talks about some of the particular legal and copyright challenges that must be addressed in a company that uses user-sourced content, and how they’ve gone about addressing them.

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