Investor Connect – Yash Thukral and Sam Yaffa of TRITON FUNDS LLC

Investor Connect – Yash Thukral and Sam Yaffa of TRITON FUNDS LLC

February 27, 2019 by investor

Yash Thukral and Sam Yaffa of Triton Funds LLC

Hall is joined by Yash Thukral and Sam Yaffa of Triton Funds LLC.

In this episode we start by learning about Yash and Sam’s backgrounds before investing in early stage startups. They have a combined background of a general love for entrepreneurship and ingenuity.

Yash and Sam offer up advice to those investing in startups- “Everyone believes they’re going to do good, but you actually have to see the value in who is building what they’re building as well as who is creating what they’re creating. If you see the value then it can be a good investment for you to jump in to.”

Yash and Sam also share their investment thesis, they consider themselves a ESG fund, so  environmentally, socially sustainable investing and that’s how they look at their investments. They seek investments that have a positive impact on the millennial generation.

You’ll also learn how they feel the landscape of investing is changing as well as challenges and risks they see.

About Triton Funds LLC– Triton Funds LLC is the largest private student-managed investment fund in the nation. TRITON FUNDS provides students the invaluable opportunity to gain real-world experience investing alongside experienced financial professionals. They invest in high performing teams with revolutionary aspirations to grow their company into industry leaders. TRITON FUNDS creates an ecosystem that assists talented entrepreneurs in successfully launching their ideas and maintaining strong community ethical standards. They provide strategic capitalization, business development support, and engineered exits to organizations they believe have a viable future in the modern economy.


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