Investor Connect – Aaron Michaels of 1984 Ventures

Investor Connect – Aaron Michaels of 1984 Ventures

January 31, 2019 by investor

Aaron Michaels of 1984 Ventures

In this episode, we are joined by Aaron Michaels of 1984 Ventures. Hall and Aaron kick of this episode learning about Aarons background before investing in early stage companies. Aaron has seen both sides of investing both from the startup angle as well as a CEO, he shares advice he’d give to someone investing in startups. As the interview progresses you’ll learn about the investment thesis at 1984 Ventures- They invest in back office, healthcare, fin-tech and other companies disrupting mature, stable and antiquated industries. Aaron also speaks about challenges, risks and immediate opportunities to pursue in his chosen sector.


About Aaron
Aaron Michel co-founded PathSource, a venture-backed edtech startup that rose to be the top career app in the App Store until its acquisition in 2017. Prior to that he created the online game Fantasy Politics ahead of the 2012 election. Named an Innovation Rockstar by the Boston Business Journal, Aaron has written for Entrepreneur Magazine, Fast Company and a range of business outlets. He graduated from Harvard Business School and the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

About 1984 Ventures
At 1984 Ventures, they invest in entrepreneurs who are shaking up large, established industries to imagine a different future. They don’t invest in the latest buzzword or the most hyped technology. Instead, they invest in businesses using software to solve real world problems. They focus on early-seed rounds. It’s what they know and love and where they provide the most value.


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