Investor Connect – David Mes of OTG Ventures

Investor Connect – David Mes of OTG Ventures

December 31, 2018 by investor

David Mes of Off the Grid Ventures

In this episode, Hall interviews David Mes of Off the Grid Ventures. OTG focuses on early-stage investment in ‘off the grid’ entrepreneurs – women and foreign founders – specializing in B-to-B technology companies.

David talks about his background and what led him to early-stage investing, and how dealing with market adversity helped him learn and plan for the future. He also discusses how OTG looks at the quality of the idea, the market size, and growth potential based on a coherent startup plan. To assess team quality, they look for diversity of ideas and backgrounds, and a team based on trust and complementary skills. David highlights three key qualities of successful investors:
1) Discipline in creating and following an investment thesis,
2) Discipline in negotiating investment terms and securing rights to follow-on investment, and
3) Discipline in developing, diversifying, and balancing your portfolio to ensure capital generation meets and exceeds your investment needs.

Hall and David talk about options available when selling assets to other investors (and vice versa), and managing your portfolio by focusing on the right startups. They discuss things to consider when deciding when to exit from an investment, and how market cycles can affect portfolio management decisions. Finally, David talks about the VC industry as a whole, and how it is changing.

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