Investor Connect – Sarah E. Brown of Power to the Startup People

Investor Connect – Sarah E. Brown of Power to the Startup People

December 10, 2018 by investor

Sarah E. Brown of Power to the Startup People

Hall is joined by Sarah E Brown, author of Power to the Startup People. Currently, Sarah is the Director of Content Marketing at BuildingConnected, the leading cloud-based pre construction bidding platform that enables owners, general contractors and subcontractors to communicate easily and efficiently throughout the bidding process. She is also a mentor at Techstars, a world-renowned startup accelerator with more than 1,000 portfolio companies with combined market cap of $16 Billion. As the episode kicks off, Sarah speaks about her journey and how she got to where she is today. Growing up, she wanted to be a journalist and has a liberal arts background. Along the way Sarah realized what she loved most about being a journalist was really telling stories. You can tell stories and make a huge impact in the startup world.

Sarah is the author of Power to the Startup People and speaks about how she was inspired to write this book. In her book, you learn practical advice on topics including how to ask for a promotion and raise, level up in your career, find a company aligned with your values, navigate startup failure (and success!), and more.

In this episode, Hall and Sarah cover key topics and much more:

How does one know if they are a fit for the startup world?
How does someone from a large corporation re-adjust quickly to the startup world?
What does the startup value in employees that’s unique from non-startup companies?
What do you look for when you join a startup?
What do you negotiate up front when you join a startup?
Once there how do you find your place?
When is the best time to join a startup?
When is the best time to leave a startup?

About Sarah: Sarah is a B2B tech marketing leader experienced in developing and executing marketing campaigns that attract and convert prospects and engage customers throughout the customer lifecycle, increasing adoption, retention, and customer lifetime value.

She launched and co-hosted Helping Sells Radio, a podcast about software adoption and helping customers discover, adopt and thrive using your software.

In 2014, Sarah founded Flatirons Tech, a LGBTQ diversity- and inclusion-focused tech meetup based in Boulder, CO. Flatirons Tech works with local startups and organizations to put on events that promote inclusion in tech throughout the Front Range and beyond. She currently sits on the National Center For Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) Affinity Group Alliance (AGA) representing Flatirons Tech. Sarah is a member of the Boulder Startup Week events committee and works with local organizations to put on on diversity and inclusivity-themed events at the annual festival that draws tens of thousands of entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts from around the world.


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