Investor Connect – Michael Noel of Blockchain Weekly

Investor Connect – Michael Noel of Blockchain Weekly

November 11, 2018 by investor

Michael Noel of Blockchain Weekly

Hall is joined by Michael Noel of Blockchain Weekly. In this episode, you learn about Michael’s background before entering the blockchain space. Michael also shares his views on the state of Investing in blockchain and how the industry is currently evolving. Michael also shares his thoughts on the direction the industry is taking and how the landscape for investing has changed in the blockchain sector. Michael gives his personal investment thesis and what companies may match the profile. Michael and Hall also discuss the current challenges and risks in blockchain sector and what Micheal views as immediate opportunities to pursue.

About Michael– Michael is the CoFounder and CEO of Blockchain Consultants, Blockchain Weekly Host, Facilitator for the Phoenix Blockchain Meetup, Facilitator for the Cryptocurrency Adopters  Meetup, and a Certified Blockchain Professional. He has numerous connections to Private Equity groups, Angel Investor Foundations, and is on numerous Advisory Boards such as Digi Build, Lock Trust, Ethera Labs, Lannister Holdings, Blockchain Equities, Hemp Harvest, and Swift Harvest. Michael is a Cryptonite Ventures Founding Member and was Certified by the EC-Council as a Certified Blockchain Professional in 2018.

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