Investor Connect – Andrew Gaiziunas of Turbadium

Investor Connect – Andrew Gaiziunas of Turbadium

September 12, 2018 by investor

Andrew Gaiziunas of Turbadium

In this episode, Hall is joined by Andrew Gaiziunas of Turbadium. Andrew is a first-generation American technologist, aviator, and high-tech visionary. He has spent the last two decades creating new billion-dollar business units at Fortune 100 companies including IBM and Hewlett Packard. He is currently one of the Co-Founders and Chief Technology Officer at Turbadium, a platform for the tokenization of traditionally illiquid assets such as residential or commercial real estate properties. It connects property owners directly with investors of all sizes and facilitates instant trading of real estate assets through the use of the Turbadium asset-backed cryptocurrency.

Hall and Andrew kick off their interview learning about Andrew’s background before diving into the crypto space. Andrew gives his thoughts on the state of investing in blockchain. He says the market is starting to mature and people are starting to be less inclined to jump into ICOs as the hype fades. He also thinks people are starting to investigate the underlying fundamentals.

Andrew also shares his thoughts on:

How the industry is evolving

Where Andrew sees it going

And how the landscape for investing changed in the Blockchain sector

TEN Capital group welcomes Andrew as a guest speaker this October at the Emerge ICO Summit in Austin, Texas.

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