Investor Connect – John Hinckley of Modern Message

Investor Connect – John Hinckley of Modern Message

August 6, 2018 by investor

John Hinckley of Modern Message

In this episode, Hall interviews John Hinckley, CEO and co-founder of Modern Message, creator of an online resident engagement platform for apartment communities. Since its inception in 2012, Modern Message has seen average growth of 79 percent year over year, and works with nearly 2,500 apartment communities and allows more than 1 million residents to engage with Community Rewards each month across North America.

John talks about his entry into the startup world, and his first fundraise of $500K. John discusses the lessons he’s learned, such as the importance of revenue, having a lead investor committed, and being a great storyteller. John talks about how the second round of funding is a full-time job by itself and how important it is to know your Total Available Market. As a final piecce of advice, John discusses why it is important to bring closed recurring revenue contracts to the negotiation table

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