Investor Connect – Nicholas Smith of SMU

Investor Connect – Nicholas Smith of SMU

July 2, 2018 by investor

Nicholas Smith of SMU

In this episode, Hall interviews Nicholas Smith of Southern Methodist University. Nicholas was selected for SMU Maguire Energy Institute’s “Spindletop Fund” Investment Program 2017-2018, and is one of 30 students that analyze, track, pitch, and invest part of the SMU Endowment in energy equities each year. Nicholas talks about how he got into early stage investing through Angel investment groups in Dallas. Hall and Nicholas discuss what he observed in numerous investor meetings-what investors look for, how successful relationships are built between investors and entrepreneurs, and what red flags seem to discourage an investors from pursuing an opportunity.

Hall and Nicholas also talk about developments in the ICO market, and the importance of understanding the future of regulation and the changes that may come with it.

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