Investor Connect: David Hurwitt of Troove

Investor Connect: David Hurwitt of Troove

April 21, 2023 by investor

On this episode of Investor Connect, Hall welcomes David Hurwitt, CEO & Founder at Troove.

Located in Burlington, Vermont, USA, Troove is the first technology to harness the power of alumni and current student experience to help potential students make the biggest decision of their life.  

Troove use predictive AI to gather, mine, and decode experience data from schools and align it with the values, abilities, and priorities of prospective students. Troove provides a Learning Culture fit and a Social Culture fit score for each school.

From just a quick 15 minutes of questions, Troove delivers every applicant’s Learning Culture and Social Culture fit scores, explaining how well they align with the people who have come before them and earned the degrees they want. 

David is an innovator. Over the course of his career, he’s led the development and launch of new products and services – from toothpicks to wind turbines – that have generated well over $1 billion in sales.

If you have a large, front-loading washing machine in your house, that was David and his team at Whirlpool. They re-envisioned the traditional, small European washer for the US market and took front loaders from 1% of the market to over 50% today, saving billions of dollars in electricity and water consumption in the process.

David has lived and worked around the world, and is now based in Burlington Vermont with his wife and two Golden Retrievers. Their 3 “kids” have now graduated from college, but his experience with them on their college journeys started his innovator’s brain cranking on what became Troove.

David talks about the American higher education system, the challenges and flaws in the system, and how Troove changed how students get into and successfully through higher education. 

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