Investor Connect – David Chaplin of SearchDex

Investor Connect – David Chaplin of SearchDex

October 31, 2019 by investor

In this episode, Hall welcomes David Chaplin of Searchdex. SearchDex is a Dallas based SEO Service and Technology company with over 15 years in the eCommerce solutions space. They believe that every search should produce meaningful outcomes. No other company can identify and solve issues as SearchDex does. Today, businesses need a navigator to drive the best outcomes in this dynamic marketplace.

David has been CEO of SearchDex™, since December 2010. He led the efforts in pivoting SearchDex from a managed services company to a technology platform and solutions company.

Before SearchDex, David served as VP of Advanced SearchTechnologies. This position followed Kroll Ontrack’s acquisition of Engenium Corporation, which David founded in 1998. Dave was responsible for integrating Engenium’s advanced search products (AI based) throughout Kroll’s electronic discovery services business while growing outside sales of the Engenium product group. At Engenium, David grew the company from startup to recognized industry leader, earning multiple industry awards as one of the 100 most important companies in knowledge management and a leader in artificial intelligence solutions in the electronic discovery market.

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