Investor Connect: Corey Kupfer of DealQuest, DealQuest Podcast & Kupfer & Associates, PLLC

Investor Connect: Corey Kupfer of DealQuest, DealQuest Podcast & Kupfer & Associates, PLLC

July 19, 2022 by investor

On this episode of Investor Connect, Hall welcomes Corey Kupfer, Founder at DealQuest, Host of the DealQuest podcast, Founder and Managing Principal at Kupfer & Associates, and Author of “Authentic Negotiating.”

Corey founded DealQuest to provide courses, retreats, masterminds, and other valuable content designed to support entrepreneurs, high-level executives, and business leaders in achieving their visions and goals through deal-driven growth.

The DealQuest podcast takes you behind the scenes with some of the world’s most fascinating deal-savvy business leaders. This is the one place where they can openly share the secret to deals they have done (or failed to do) and the issues, opportunities, benefits, pitfalls, and lessons learned.

Kupfer & Associates’ focus is on providing the legal insight and counseling needed to advance each client’s business interests.

A successful entrepreneur from the age of 15, Corey is a passionate advocate and leader in the entrepreneurial world; he’s also a renowned strategist on deal-driven growth strategies. Corey has represented, trained, and mentored thousands of companies and entrepreneurs to create leaps in their business growth.

As a member of the New York Chapter of Entrepreneurs’ Organization since 2008, a Board Member since 2010, and Chapter President from July 2014 – June 2016, Corey has been a passionate advocate and leader in the entrepreneurial space.

Corey is a frequent speaker at entrepreneurial, business, and securities industry conferences and events on many topics, including authentic negotiating, deal-making and structuring, entity and platform design, mergers and acquisitions, entrepreneurship, visioning and planning, employee attraction and retention vehicles, authentic conversation about race and building authentic business relationships.

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