Investor Connect – Constantine Potamianos of Black Bull Advisors

Investor Connect – Constantine Potamianos of Black Bull Advisors

September 24, 2019 by investor

On this episode, Hall welcomes Constantine Potamianos co-founder and CEO of Black Bull Advisors. Black Bull Advisors is a hedge fund that utilizes a proprietary, artificial intelligence technology, to direct and manage technical trading within the crypto space; and operates as a primarily crypto-focused fund.

Before Black Bull Advisors, Constantine began his career in engineering at the California Institute of Technology and also has undergraduate degrees in computer science, government, and economics. He then went on to get his MBA and a law degree from The Georgetown University Law Center. As a result, his background has been tremendously helpful in bringing a multidisciplinary perspective to business problems, management and investing.

You can find Black Bull Advisors at

Constantine can be reached on LinkedIn at

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