Investor Connect – Chelsea Burns of Escaladora Ventures

Investor Connect – Chelsea Burns of Escaladora Ventures

July 14, 2020 by investor

In this episode, Hall welcomes Chelsea Burns, angel investor, Founder of Escaladora Ventures, a member of Pipeline Angels, and an avid rock climber.

Chelsea was left with an inheritance following the passing of her father. She decided to use her wealth to become a sustainable angel investor, investing in impactful early-stage companies. She is currently part-owner of Pura Roca, an indoor climbing gym in San Pedro, Costa Rica. In addition to climbing, Chelsea’s main passion focuses on natural resource management. She has a decade of experience working in the water and energy efficiency space. Previously she was the COO of Urban Energy Group, an ESCO that finances and installs LED lighting projects across Washington State. Chelsea holds dual BAs in International Relations and Anthropology and dual MAs in International Relations and Natural Resources & Sustainable Development. 

Chelsea speaks about the state of angel investing, two of the companies she has invested in, the challenges startups face, and what excites her.

You can visit Pipeline Angels here: 

Chelsea can be contacted via LinkedIn at, and via email at You can also check out her blog at  

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