Investor Connect – Brian Phillips of The Pearl Fund

Investor Connect – Brian Phillips of The Pearl Fund

January 24, 2020 by investor

In this episode, Hall is joined by Brian Phillips of The Pearl Fund, an early-stage VC fund specializing in Opportunity Zone (OZ) investments. Brian’s background in computer science led to numerous jobs with tech startups. Through these experiences, he developed an interest in entrepreneurship non-profits. Ultimately, he ended up starting a fund to take advantage of the Opportunity Zone laws that promote funding of business in low-income census tracks.

Brian explains the ins and outs of Opportunity Zone investing, how to do it, and why it can be so advantageous for the investor. He also explains why meeting the Opportunity Zone requirement can give startups a leg up when it comes to securing funding. While OZ investing is currently dominated by real estate, The Pearl Fund is part of a small but growing trend of funds focusing on startups. Additionally, Brian details many of the requirements that startups and investors must meet to be OZ qualified. Finally, he highlights some of the sectors that fit best with the OZ asset class.

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