Investor Connect – Brian Morin of Soteria Battery Innovation Group

Investor Connect – Brian Morin of Soteria Battery Innovation Group

February 20, 2020 by investor

In this episode, Hall is joined by Brian Morin of the Soteria Battery Innovation Group. Soteria Battery Innovation Group is dedicated to enabling portable electric power without the risk of fires, no matter the circumstances. Their material architecture eliminates the spark on the inside of a battery that can cause fires. Soteria’s goal is to ensure that materials are available to every battery manufacturer with local production from a broad supply base so that every device – whether a hearing aid or an electric bus – can have a battery that is virtually impossible to self-ignite. 

Brian has over 200 international patents and applications on subjects ranging from advanced molecular metals to high-performance fibers to plastic additives. He sees his strength as leading the commercialization of innovative technology.

In this episode, Brian shares his unique take on the state of investing in his sector. According to Brian, the market opportunity is immense. The industry is growing very quickly, averaging a 20-22% annual growth rate. He also speaks about challenges, both regulatory and technical that startups may have to overcome. While regulatory does play a role, you first have to deal with a very conservative market. The industry is very conservative about changing anything because of the risk of safety and the immense cost of safety. Finally, Brian talks about how Soteria fits into this landscape and what they are currently working on.

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