Investor Connect – Bader Alam of CAVU Venture Partners

Investor Connect – Bader Alam of CAVU Venture Partners

November 19, 2019 by investor

In this episode, Hall welcomes Bader Alam of CAVU Venture Partners. CAVU Venture Partners is a consumer-focused investment firm founded by operators, that aims to partner with operators in building high-growth and disruptive businesses. They are partners and operators first, investors second. Bader is the Senior Vice President at CAVU and has over 10 years of private equity experience, focusing on growth equity and middle-market transactions primarily in the consumer sector.

In this episode, Bader shares his thoughts on how the consumer product sector is growing and his advice to those wanting to invest in consumer brands. According to Bader, as an investor, the consumer-product space is interesting because you have a product you can touch and feel, and it’s very easy to just have an affinity for a product. It’s important to base decisions on all factors, though, and not just on the product itself.

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