Investor Connect – Bá Minuzzi of UMANA

Investor Connect – Bá Minuzzi of UMANA

January 7, 2020 by investor

In this episode, Hall welcomes Bá Minuzzi of San Francisco-based UMANA. After starting as an entrepreneur at an early age in Brazil, Bá became interested in capital and joined an investment firm, before starting her own investment boutique focused on real estate. She later moved to the U.S., diversifying her portfolio and expanding into the wealth management space. She recently launched UMANA, which is built as a multi-family office of self-made high net worth individuals. UMANA skews towards tech sectors, with an emphasis on impact investing as well.

Bá emphasizes how important it is for founders to get a deep understanding their industry and market. As she points out, this is the best way to understand how your brand and company will get the traction. Bá talks about the confluence of the entertainment and investment worlds, and how celebrity endorsement is a game-changer when building traction. In addition, she illuminates her role as a “matchmaker” between high net worth individuals and promising startups, and what that process involves. For startups, she emphasizes how fundraising isn’t always easy, and that you shouldn’t take past success for granted. As Bá points out, staying in touch with investors and having a strategy for follow-on fundraising before the money starts to run out is critical for the long-term success of a startup.


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