Investor Connect: Anupama Pansare of Volyx

Investor Connect: Anupama Pansare of Volyx

March 22, 2021 by investor

In this episode, Hall welcomes Anupama Pansare, founder of Volyx Consulting.

Located in Sugar Land, Texas, Volyx is a consulting firm focused on digital transformation using cutting-edge technologies from their portfolio of service providers and startups. Their solutions focus on leveraging operations data to optimizing business processes. They help build data models and analytics to enable data correlation, and build predictive capabilities and provide cost-efficient solutions in a time-boxed manner. Volyx consulting works with Digital & Energy transition, Circular Economy and ESG-focused companies to expand markets.

Anu is an accomplished business leader with digital, consulting and energy expertise. She has over 25 years of multi-industry experience, with diverse companies ranging from Chevron, Schlumberger, Ernst & Young to startups. She is an innovator and passionate about startups as game-changers for corporate innovation. Her venture focus is disruptors in energy transition, DeFi & digital. Anu is a venture investor and serves on the Advisory Board of the Indiana University Angel Network. She is working on an upcoming talk series podcast/webinar on Venture – Anu Venture. Anu also serves as a judge at the Rice Business Plan Competition, is the past Chair of the Houston Angel Network Screening Committees, and is a speaker at conferences including the Angel Capital Association (ACA).

Anu shares her investment thesis and what excites her now in the industry. She discusses how the industry is evolving and advises entrepreneurs and investors.

You can visit Volyx Consulting at, and via LinkedIn at

Anu can be contacted at, via LinkedIn at, and via Twitter at   

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