Investor Connect – Anton Golub of flovtec

Investor Connect – Anton Golub of flovtec

November 7, 2019 by investor

On this episode, Hall welcomes Anton Golub of flovtec, a financial technology company focusing on providing liquidity for digital assets. After exhibiting a talent for mathematics at an early age, Anton eventually entered the high-frequency trading space, in a research position. Later he began working at a hedge fund, before transitioning to the blockchain space. He talks about riding the surge of interest in blockchain as part of a startup, and how he identified the problem of liquidity with digital assets. This realization led him to start flovtec in 2018.

For potential investors in the blockchain and digital asset space, Anton advises a healthy dose of realism, and an understanding that this space is still at the early stages. Anton discusses the future evolution of the digital asset space, and how the next couple of years should bring clarity-particularly on the regulatory front. He expects tremendous growth in the space of the coming years, and points to several cities that he believes will serve as the hubs for this future growth. In addition, Anton emphasizes that an understanding of the “building blocks” of blockchain is critical to investment success. Finally, he discusses the scalability challenges facing the space.

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