Investor Connect – Angela Lee of 37 Angels

Investor Connect – Angela Lee of 37 Angels

July 6, 2020 by investor

In this episode, Hall welcomes Angela Lee, founder of 37 Angels. 

Founded in 2012, 37 Angels activates the untapped capital and experience women can bring by investing in female and male-led startups. The fund’s mission is to close the gender gap in startup investing. Although they are sector-agnostic, they invest a lot in health-tech, logistics-tech, future of work, and some CPG.

Angela is an educator, entrepreneur, and angel investor. She is passionate about education, and has started several companies in that space. Currently she is the Executive Director of Academic Integration at Columbia Business School and an Adjunct Assistant Professor teaching Strategy and Leadership courses. She also has 15 years of experience in marketing strategy, both as a product manager and as a consultant at McKinsey. Angela has a BA from UC Berkeley and an MBA from Columbia Business School.

Angela speaks about 37 Angel’s bootcamp, advises both investors and entrepreneurs, speaks with Hall about what excites her, and shares some of the challenges the fund faces.

You can visit 37 Angels at

Angela can be contacted via LinkedIn at, via Twitter at, and via email at

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