Indicators of a Successful Impact Investment

Indicators of a Successful Impact Investment

June 22, 2022 by investor

Indicators of a Successful Impact Investment

Impact investing seeks to fund startups with social or environmental benefits.

Those running impact companies must do so with the intention of providing a social or environmental impact with a measured result.

The investment must provide a benefit that is more than what would have occurred otherwise.   

This is called additionality.

The indicators of a successful impact investment are as follows:

The company can show a measured impact and, based on its business model, forecast that impact over time.

The company should bring innovation that provides the impact.

The company must be able to show a sustainable business model over time in order to deliver the result.

The company must show entrepreneurial skills and capabilities. 

If you have these elements, then you have a true impact investment that is making a difference.

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