Importance of Historical Numbers

Importance of Historical Numbers

January 17, 2020 by investor

Most startup pitches focus on their future.

It’s bright. The numbers are growing fast and will be big. The sky’s the limit.

Just how much do investors put behind those startup forecasts?

The answer: It depends on the historical numbers the forecast is based on.

If there’s a consistent track record of historical growth, then the forecast has credibility.

If there’s no historical record, then the forecast does not.

Always show your historical numbers to establish a baseline and show how you can move from the historical to achieve the forecast and the systems that will take you there.

Most startups hang their forecast on market potential alone. You need to also show how you can execute to obtain it.

This could be a new team member, another product, or a new market segment.

Help the investor connect the dots and don’t expect anyone to take a flying leap without a good reason.

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