Impact Measurements

Impact Measurements

June 16, 2022 by investor

Startup Boards — Impact Measurements

Impact is in the eye of the beholder. 

What impact you see, may not be shared with the investor or company you are working with.

You must measure your impact. There are several systems you can use, such as:

GIIRS — stands for Global Impact Investing Rating System. It rates companies based on social and impact performance metrics and is considered one of the primary standards.  

IRIS — stands for Impact Reporting and Investment Standards and provides metrics for social, environmental, and financial performance of a company. 

B Analytics — developed by B Lab, it provides a tool to assess, compare, and improve impact.

SASB Standards — stands for Sustainable Accounting Standards Board and provides sustainability standards for over 70 industries.

GRI Standards — one of the first to provide standards for sustainability reporting.

International Integrated Reporting Council — provides reporting to bring cohesion and efficiency to the reporting process. 

Within the world of impact investing, there are many sectors. Comparing metrics between sectors can be difficult.

These tools can help.

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