How Not To Email an Investor

How Not To Email an Investor

September 13, 2023 by investor

How Not To Email an Investor

Founders raising funding can use cold email outreach to find investors.

In emailing an investor for your fundraise avoid the following mistakes:

Start the email by telling your entire story in one go.

Investors want to know what it’s about before committing to hearing your whole story.

Skip the research and send a deal to an investor that doesn’t fit. 

Research the investor to see if it meets their criteria.

Mention what your startup does at the end of the email.

This requires the investor to scan through the entire email to figure out what you do.  

Investors need to know this upfront as it provides context.

Fail to personalize the email by starting with Hi there.

This shows the investor it’s a mass email and not meant for them personally.

Use a generic subject line such as “New Deal”

This doesn’t tell the investor anything and indicates a lack of effort in crafting the email.

Leave out the call to action.

You need to tell the investor what you want them to do.

This could be to set up a call, log in to an upcoming investor briefing, or make a referral.

Make the overall email lengthy with big blocks of text.

This signals to the investor a substantial time commitment to figure out what it’s all about.

Investors want to know there’s a high probability that this will be a good fit for them so it’s best to indicate that up front.

Avoid these mistakes in your email outreach.


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