How a Corporate VC Compares to a Traditional VC

How a Corporate VC Compares to a Traditional VC

June 1, 2021 by investor

Overall, corporate VCs invest more than traditional VCs by about 2%.

Corporate VCs operate the same as traditional VCs with some exceptions:

– Corporate VCs seek a strategic advantage rather than a financial return
– Many don’t lead funding rounds but only follow them
– They bring strategic support to the startup such as sales channels and industry partnerships
– They focus on early to mid-stage companies primarily and avoid seed-stage startups
– They invest based on the current strength of the corporation and don’t follow the traditional raise-a-fund-and-deploy-it cycle
– They don’t exert substantial control over the company, compared to traditional VCs who seek a financial return in a specific timeframe
– They don’t look for a strong financial return as the only exit option
– Corporate VCs are measured by the impact of the investment into the startup, such as the number of pilots and programs, rather than startup sales growth
– They don’t limit their investment horizon to the 10-ear fund cycle as a traditional VC does
– Corporate VCs access deals primarily through their partnerships rather than the general market

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