Five Key Elements to a Startup Story: The Plot

Five Key Elements to a Startup Story: The Plot

January 6, 2021 by investor

There are five key elements to a startup story. Today we’ll talk about the Plot.

After you establish the theme, hero, mission, and obstacle, you can start working on your plot.

The plot is a series of events that leads to achieving the mission.

Plots can be set up in several ways and choosing the right model will help make the story more engaging.

You could play the David fighting Goliath, the small startup taking on the big corporation.

You could tell a Rags to Riches story – how a small startup hit upon a big idea.

You can also position it as a quest. Show the entrepreneur’s journey and the lessons learned.

From the story, the investor should see how you, the CEO had an idea that changed the world. 

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