Diligencing the Team for Skills

Diligencing the Team for Skills

April 11, 2022 by investor

Diligencing the Team for Skills

In diligencing the team, here are some key areas to check:

Sales skills — the CEO and others must be able to sell their product or service.  

In the early stages of a startup, there won’t be a dedicated sales force, and everyone on the team must be able to sell.

Technical skills — the CEO and the team must be tech-savvy as they will be building products and selling customers around that technology.

Those who don’t understand their technology will have a hard time convincing others of its worth.

Customer awareness — the CEO and the team must know their customers well, including their problems, their budgets, and their careabouts.

I find one of the biggest indicators of success is how well the team knows their customer. 

Market awareness — the CEO and the team must know their market well.  

This goes beyond just the general size and growth rates of the market and includes knowledge of key players in the market.

Competition awareness — the CEO and the team must know who their direct competitors are and have some idea of the competitors’ strengths and weaknesses.

Before investing in a startup, check on these points.

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