Designing for Virality not Revenue

Designing for Virality not Revenue

November 6, 2019 by investor

Design for virality not revenue

I heard a startup CEO once comment, ‘I wish I had designed for virality and not revenue.’

Virality is a key competitive advantage. The more your users share your information with others the more traffic and sales opportunities you will receive.

Most companies set up their product and website for generating revenue.

They include click here to buy buttons and popups that litter the screen.

Virality tools include sharing your results with others. Offering free and easy access, creating groups and fostering sharing will draw others in.

It’s better to design for virality and have your customers connect their network to you than to simply extract revenue only.  

Virality generates engagement, and engagement leads to revenue. If you don’t have virality, then it takes additional time and cost to create engagement.

If you build virality into the product, then it works for you everyday.

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